Life Coach 101. Click to keep reading…

Life Coach 101. Click to keep reading…

In their new book, David Novak and Jason Goldsmith illuminate a path to career fulfillment that begins with pursuing joy. That principle will guide employees to create their own conditions in which they can grow and thrive. In essence, by asking yourself four questions, you’ll start to identify a positive, impactful career path.

What’s getting in the way of your joy? Be specific and think about times that you are frustrated or unfulfilled. Being objective and clear will help you identify obstacles in your way.

What would give you more joy, personally or professionally? What gives you energy and inspires enthusiasm? These feelings are common for people that truly love what they do.

What’s the single biggest thing you can imagine that will bring you joy and make the biggest difference in your life or career? Whatever it is, make it big, important, daring, and even aspirational. There is a big difference between setting a goal and choosing a compelling destination that drives you forward.

What would success look like?  A big part of self-coaching is visualizing yourself reaching the destination.

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