Gas Springs

We offer a unique alternative to conventional mechanical coil springs used in lifting or counterbalancing devices. Our gas spring design allows for a wide variety of applications including automotive, residential and office settings. Both the locking and non-locking gas springs are designed for exceptional durability, quality and reliability.

A gas spring is a self-contained, hermetically sealed hydropneumatic linear actuator containing pressurized nitrogen gas, which provides output force.

Our locking gas spring (Varilock) with rigid and elastic locking technology provides innovative solutions with regards to seat adjustments and machine cover positioning.

For table and desk applications, VARISTAND is the perfect solution for single pedestal, antirotational, height-adjustment functionality. VARISTAND combines elegant, professional design with state-of-the-art technical specifications. Learn more about this ready-to-install, color coordinated height-adjustment system.

With hundreds of applications already in existence, the potential for new uses for gas springs are virtually limitless.

Automotive uses include tailgates, engine hoods and luggage doors on buses.

Some residential uses include skylights, lawn and garden equipment, exercise equipment, awnings and fold-up benches. In health-care, hospital beds, operating room tables and even tanning beds are equipped with gas springs

In office settings, gas springs and dampers have been used in overhead office bins, copy machines, blueprint plotters, mail processing equipment and counterbalance arms for computer terminals.

Gas springs and dampers are also used on the shop floor in machine guards, conveyor gates and flex-arms.

Visit our interactive catalog to help you choose the gas spring that best fits your application.

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