Sheetmetal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication utilizes NC Turret presses, high wattage lasers or plasma cutters to punch or burn features into a flat sheet of material. A press brake is then used for forming. Robotics may be incorporated in forming and welding to reduce the labor content and improve the repeatability of the process.

Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive sheet metal fabrication: Stamping, Laser, Turret, Form (including Salvagnini panel benders), Hardware insertion, Spotweld/Weld (MIG/TIG & Robotic)
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Prototyping, tooling and stamping
  • Box-Build Assembly
  • Finishing: Powder coating (5 conveyor lines), E-coat and silk screening
  • Turnkey assembly: Mechanical & Electrical integrations including Boards, Cables, Backplanes, including Hi-Pot, Functional and Software testing

The product featured to the right is a complex weldment which utilizes over 1,100 inches of manual weld to form an integral Diesel Fuel Tank. The end product is a 130 Gallon Intermodal Generator Set. It is used in very harsh conditions and has a service life in excess of 15 years. The fuel tank is Helium Leak tested to insure the integrity of each unit.