Bolt On Lift Systems

Our unique table-lift systems offer solutions for your height adjustment needs. Our “bolt-on” lift systems (Movotec) allow for a wide variety of applications including offices, industrial tables and machines. With both manual and motorized “bolt-on” lift systems, we can design and manufacture the best solution for your application.

A “bolt-on” lift system is a single-acting fluid displacement lift system that easily attaches to existing workstations for ergonomic height adjustability.

Both Manual and Motorized systems include:

  • Crank or motor driven unit
  • Two 8 ft. (2.5 m) sections of flexible tubing
  • Two 10 ft. (3 m) sections of flexible tubing
  • Four lift cylinders
  • Four glides
  • Twelve tubing clips (adhesive backed) and sixteen cable ties
  • Installation Tips
  • Drilling Templates
  • Our Movotec lift systems are found in offices, industrial tables and machines around the world.

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