Next generation electronic assembly manufacturing and technology services. We help our clients realize product designs that require a range from small form factors to high performance packaging for electronics and micro-electronic systems. Our focus is on leading and bleeding edge technologies towards higher performance in a smaller form factor. Our engineering services allow our customers to incorporate future requirements into their products of tomorrow.

We provide solutions in advanced electronics production, product design for manufacture, and assembly processes as well as analytical, reliability and failure testing services to its clients. Our comprehensive approach provides a suite of services that complement advanced manufacturing and allows the customer to ensure quick time to market with the most robust and reliable product.

Our capabilities include:

  • Production of micro-electronic and system-in-package assemblies:
  • 3D Die Stacking of Silicon
  • Small Passive placement down to 01005 in production
  • Flip Chip Assembly
  • MEMS packaging
  • 0.3mm – 0.5mm Wafer Scale CSP (WLCSP Assembly)
  • Integration onto thin, flexible circuits down to 12.5 microns thick
  • Die Attach/ Wire Bonding–Gold, Aluminum and Copper wire
  • Prototyping and production ramp to volume
  • New product development and introduction
  • New process development
  • Semiconductor packaging qualification

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