Compression Molding

Compression Molding of Thermoset Composites provides designers the ability to convert die castings or weldments into structural moldings with very high strength to weight ratios. We utilize SMC, BMC and TMC compounds which are formulated from Vinylester, Polyester or Epoxy resins. The materials have glass contents ranging from 15% to 60% and are produced within the molding facility. The compound is introduced into a P-20 chrome plated mold as a charge pattern that is compressed under very high pressure and heat. After a short molding cycle the part is removed from the press, deflashed and prepared for any secondary operations such as machining, plating, painting or assembly.

The Characteristics of Composites include:

  • Composites offer high flex modulus combined with high impact strength
  • 30% lighter than an equivalent Die Cast Aluminum component
  • Low cost per cubic inch
  • Ideally suited for metal to plastic conversions
  • Low CLTE
  • UL recognized materials which meet 94 – VO and even HVAC 2550 requirements
  • Molded in color with UV stability
  • Materials are thermally and electrically insulative
  • Provides the ability to insert mold or encapsulate some components