Short Run Stamping

Short Run Stamping is a process which utilizes Steel Die Inserts (Pancake Dies) fitted into a Master Die Holder to blank, pierce and form sheet metal using traditional mechanical stamping presses. Secondary presses and press brakes can be utilized for forming features. Applications which can justify Short Run Stamping are typically smaller than 20″ by 30″ in their unfolded or flat configuration. For parts larger than this blank configuration, it may be difficult to justify the tooling investment when analyzed against the unit cost savings. Traditional fabrication techniques such as welding, deburring, forming, machining and finishing (plating, painting and heat treating) are used in conjunction with Short Run Stamping to provide a finished assembly.

The Characteristics of Short Run Stamping include:

  • Small to mid-size form factor (< 20″ X 30″ in the flat)
  • Low to mid volumes (2,500 to 100,000 pieces per year)
  • Low Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) charge
  • Tooling is warranted for the life of the program
  • Tooling lead times are typically less than 3 weeks