The Importance of Looking Forward. Click to keep reading…

The Importance of Looking Forward. Click to keep reading…

The last few years have been challenging, to say the least. Our manufacturers and customers have been navigating a very complicated set of challenges that change daily. We have had to manage through hyperinflation, supply chain disruptions, shut downs, logistics issues and labor shortages – just to name a few. These obstacles lead to increased dialogue and communication, as everyone worked collectively to meet the COVID related challenges. To say it has been stressful and draining is an understatement.

At Lupton Associates, and within our manufacturing community, we have found the best solution is to be positive and invest for the future. Many of our manufacturers are adding automation and continuing to lean out their facilities. They have added capability and increased their focus on where the market is headed. With a greater push to Buy America and onshoring, our manufacturers are getting prepared with capacity, capability and a competitive, quality solution to meet the needs of the market.

We have continued to grow our footprint and our capabilities as we continue to represent industry leading contract manufacturers. In 2021, we added three new team members to Lupton’s, residing in Arizona, California, and New Jersey. We also began moving our operations to the cloud using new CRM software (Repfabric) and Office 365, which will provide us greater access to accurate information in real time.

We hope 2022 will return to a more normal state. Lupton’s and our manufacturing partners are committed to improved efficiencies and growth.–Commentary provided by Al Lupton, II

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