Are you up to snuff of LinkedIn? Click to keep reading…

Are you up to snuff of LinkedIn? Click to keep reading…

Are you establishing your brand with authority on LinkedIn? There are more than 13 million companies on the platform vying for the attention of more than 500 million users. Here are some ideas from a Hootsuite blog that will help you optimize your brand on LinkedIn.

Update your banner and profile pictures. The blog lays out the size and format requirements that can be tough to uncover online.
Does your “about us” answer the pertinent questions like who are we, where are we located, what do we offer, what are our values, what is our voice, and how can people get in touch with us? If not, put some energy into your bio!

Is your profile complete? Do you list your URL, address, country, industry and company size? If so, your profile will be easier to find among the 500 million on the platform.

Showcase Pages. These underutilized pages are a great way to highlight the day-to-day activities in your organization. They are essentially tailored news feeds on specific aspects of your organization. Once you create them, it’s your job to post valuable content on the regular to keep your followers engaged.

Add a career page to your profile. When you promote your culture online, job seekers are more likely to apply (according to a Glassdoor report).
Share employee produced content. You may want to add content to the “employee perspectives” section on the Career Page. This is a great way to showcase your company for those job seekers that prize personal growth.  Additional features on the Careers Page will help you frame your organization as a great place to work.

Keep tabs on the Competition
Check out LinkedIn’s list of the 10 best Company Pages to see how these companies have optimized their page and try implementing some of their strategies!

Check out the blog post to get more details on how to beef up your profile.

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