Put LinkedIn to Work. Click to keep reading…

Put LinkedIn to Work. Click to keep reading…

LinkedIn is having a moment. Just like Facebook five years ago, the platform is finding new content creators and organic usage is in a big growth mode. An Entrepreneur Magazine writer and content creator, Rosie Purr, recently shared ideas on how to get noticed and build your brand on LinkedIn. Purr thinks that the time is perfect to use LinkedIn for brand awareness, because only 0.5% of uses are posting content on a weekly basis. The odds are in your favor, if you are consistently posting curated content. You’ll be getting exposure and attention from 2nd and 3rd tier connections who are browsing LinkedIn during work hours. Community builders will find LinkedIn users receptive, curious and patient, qualities that set them apart from surfers on TikTok, Facebook and the like. Purr’s ideas include:

  • Skip the blatant, promotional content and start posting content that sparks debate, or exposes a unique perspective. Remember that your goal is to engage and break people out of a general feeling of indifference
  • Create your content with a niche audience in mind. Sort out what really engages your audience and you’ll create content that really connects with your targets
  • Your curated content should include professional insights, personal stories and unexpected entertainment. This will drive a creator-follower bond and help you build a loyal community
  • Try using video. LinkedIn is not a traditionally video-first platform, so your video content will help you stand out from the crowd. Experiment! Try short videos to garner attention, and use longer videos as you gain experience. Don’t get caught up in the quality of your equipment. An iPhone, ring light, microphone and a green screen can get you started
  • Start a marketing calendar and schedule content creation time (daily or weekly)
  • Strive for posting multiple times per week. Consistency is important when you are building a community
  • Experiment with your style and find your voice
  • The more you engage with your followers, the more you’ll encourage traffic to your content. Write thoughtful remarks that might encourage people to click on your profile. The more you engage with others, the more likely you are to connect with people

Jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon before it becomes saturated like other social media platforms. Check out Purr’s article on Entrepreneur.com.

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