We’re still Here. Click to keep reading…

We’re still Here. Click to keep reading…

“It’ll be a few months of shutdown, and then sales people will be out seeing customers again.”
“We’ll definitely be back to normal by fall — worst-case scenario, the New Year.”
“I hate to say it, but New Year’s was too optimistic…this can’t go on forever, can it?”

We’ve watched a global health crisis, economic downturn, social inequalities, and polarizing politics upend the world over the past few months. The light at the end of the tunnel feels farther away every day.

And we no longer have the luxury to wait and see what comes next. Control what you can control.  The most effective way our organization can help is to own that circumstances aren’t changing anytime soon. We’re looking at challenges straight in the eye, and doing what is necessary to take care of our customers and our principals – right here, right now.

So what can we control? Understanding our customer’s needs. We can check in regularly and engage in deep conversations. We can schedule all-hands team meetings and open up Q&A to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Keeping the customers you have should always be our top priority, no matter what’s going on in the world. Human connection matters more than ever.

The sales rep who sharpens their active listening skills during every virtual meeting will reap extraordinary benefits in a remote selling world. It may feel less natural, but deeply empathizing, responding, and gathering feedback is crucial to building relationships.

The adaptable sales organization. We know now that more changes are coming. Adapting quickly has become the “new normal.” We are still here, and we’re here to help. Contact Lupton Associates today to learn more about our quality manufacturing partnerships.–Commentary provided by Greg Johnson, Business Development

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