Nail your Video Conference. Click to keep reading…

Nail your Video Conference. Click to keep reading…

If you are in a customer facing role, you may find yourself scheduling more video conferences, in lieu of an in-person occurrence. If you are new to video meetings, or if you haven’t hosted one in a while, you may want to brush up on some best practices to improve your experience. 

Here are a few tips: 

  • Test your connection and equipment before the meeting begins. Take a test run with a colleague to be sure that everything is configured and operational. 
  • Start your meeting a few minutes early, in case you run into any difficulties – you’ll have time to remedy. 
  • Have a backup plan if the technology fails. We’ve all fallen victim to a bad connection. The scrambling required to start another meeting can provoke anxiety, and can leave a poor impression with your meeting participants.  
  • Ask participants to share video and if necessary, mute their microphones if their location is particularly noisy.  
  • Share any presentation materials prior to the meeting to accommodate mobile users, or anyone that is experiencing technical difficulties. 
  • Establish a meeting host, and let your participants know what the cues will include to ensure seamless participation and communication. 

Take a look at this YouTube video to get your next video meet up in top shape. 

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