Surf clean in 2019. Click to keep reading…

Surf clean in 2019. Click to keep reading…

Here are some great tips on avoiding hackers, data breaches and malware attacks in 2019:

  • Set boundaries and stick with them. Decide upfront what data you are willing to share online, and stick with your limits. When you install new apps, use your own rules to set permissions levels
  • Get outside your filters. If you consume your news from primarily online sources, it’s likely that you are being fed by algorithms that send you news that you will tend to agree with. Check out AllSides or Purple Feed, to get media posts from alternative political perspectives
  • Multi Factor Authentication. Wherever possible, activate multi-factor authentication. That will help to secure your accounts from hackers
  • Clean up unused apps. Many mobile apps track your location and share it with advertisers. If you aren’t using an app regularly, delete it. That will help to keep your location and habits more secure
  • Update the apps that you use. Software companies may be a few steps behind, but it’s still important to update your apps (and computer), when software updates are available

Use these tips to limit your digital vulnerability, and to be more secure in 2019.

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