2019: Ten Trends to Watch. Click to keep reading…

2019: Ten Trends to Watch. Click to keep reading…

Here are some of the trends and stories to watch for in 2019, according to the Kiplinger Letter:

  1. GDP – growth will slow in 2019 to 2.5% (versus 2.9% in 2018). Growth will also slow in Q4 2019, as the jobless rate will inhibit firms from increasing output
  2. The Fed-The Federal Reserve bank will raise rates twice in 2019, moving the bank prime rate to 6% by December. The Chairman will remain in place, even though President Trump has threatened to replace him
  3. Inflation – Rate hikes and slower growth will keep inflation to 2.3%
  4. The Market- The stock market will remain erratic. Investors are anxious about trade wars, Brexit, and the possibility of a recession in 2020 or 2021
  5. Housing- Mixed bag in 2019. New home sales will grow by a modest 2%, while sales of existing homes will probably slow down thanks to higher prices and higher mortgage rates
  6. Congress- Expect more retirement and resignations among the Republican Congress members. While their numbers decrease, the Republicans will be more unified, and President Trump will find more support in his party
  7. President Trump – Will rely on staffers less and less, as he replaces top officials that don’t agree with him
  8. Digital Banks – 2019 may be the year where all-mobile service provides receive bank charters from The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The U.S. has granted only eleven new banking charters of any kind since 2009
  9. Alexa may turn on you – Hackers are targeting smart speakers based on ubiquity and access to other wired devices
  10. Smart homes are vulnerable – Your home may be under attack through your smartphone. Mobile phishing is becoming more prevalent, as hackers try to crowbar into your security systems and other IoT devices


Buckle up. 2019 may be a bumpy ride.–Kiplinger Letter, Vol. 96. No.1.

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