Thixomolding. Click to keep reading…

Thixomolding. Click to keep reading…

The thixomolding process is similar to plastic injection molding using magnesium alloy in place of a plastic resin. This technology creates ultra thin, light-weight components with high precision and tighter tolerances than casting.

Some of the highlights of magnesium thixomolding include:

  • Strength – High strength-to weight ratio, display superior impact response and durability.
  • Weight – Magnesium is the lightest of all structural materials, weighing only two-thirds as much as aluminum and only one-fourth as much as zinc or steel.
  • Extended Tool Life – Magnesium’s low affinity for iron, and lower heat of fusion, results in less thermal fatigue and extended die life.
  • Dimensional Stability – Magnesium offers high ductility, excellent dimensional stability, and can be molded to finished tolerances (down to 1.0 mm walls).
  • High Thermal Conductivity – Ideal for electronic enclosures, heat sinks, and other items where heat must be dissipated (72 W/m-K).
  • Damping Capacity – Magnesium absorbs energy, greatly reducing noise and vibration.
  • Machinability – The easiest of all structural metals to machine, although many parts require no machining or finishing.
  • Electromagnetic (EMI) / Radio Frequency (RFI) Shielding – Shielding Effectiveness greater than 88 dB for 0.050″ thick @ 100MHz & greater than 85 dB for 0.020″ thick.

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