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We can provide shielding in several RoHS compliant form factors:
  • Conductive Foam Cushion
  • Conductive Tape
  • Fabric over Foam Gaskets
  • Conductive Elastomers
Conductive Foam Cushions provide X, Y and Z axis conductivity which offers a higher level of shielding effectiveness than traditional shielding and grounding making it a good choice for industries using higher microprocessing speeds such as aerospace, computers and telecommunications. It is effective in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to 80 °C.
The conductive EMI cushions are constructed from a wide range of thicknesses and made from foam or conductive fabric. To allow for ease of installation, a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape is applied to the back. The foam is plated with copper/nickel or silver and is very flexible. The product can be die-cut or kiss cut to whatever the end use dictates.
Conductive Tape is produced using highly conductive adhesives to produce a single or double sided pressure sensitive product with superior mechanical, electrical and adhesive properties. It can be made of conductive fabric, aluminum, copper foil, etc. and it can include fabric reinforcement if needed. The result is a highly flexible, very thin tape which conforms to a wide variety of substrates. 
The tape can be supplied on rolls at various widths or die cut to specifications. The foil tape has an anti-corrosion coating. It performs in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 150 °C.
Fabric over Foam Gaskets are constructed from high resilience polyurethane foam covered with conductive fabric. The gaskets are very flexible so they fit uneven surfaces smoothly and securely while providing a low compressive force. Broad size variation allows substantial design freedom and optional adhesive provides additional shielding/grounding. Highly flame retardant configurations are available. These can be easily cut with scissors or they can be cut to your specifications.
Conductive Elastomer Gaskets are offered in both thermoset and thermoplastic conductive products each offering certain advantages. If your application calls for design flexibility and/or recycleability, then in general, a CET Series thermoplastic elastomer would be considered. The conventional silicone based CE Series thermoset conductive elastomers are utilized when the product will be exposed to harsh environments or high temperatures (up to 150 °C). Both options offer weather resistance, ozone resistance, water-tightness and low-temperature characteristics. 
These gaskets are extruded allowing for the creation of complex composite shapes and attachment methods as well as coextrusion with non-conductive elostomers. They offer high conductivity and high attenuation which results in excellent shielding effectiveness. Solid and hollow cross sections can be achieved and conductive pressure sensitive adhesives can be added.