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Bolt On Lift Systems

Bolt On Lift SystemsOur unique table-lift systems offer solutions for your height adjustment needs. Our "bolt-on" lift systems (Movotec) allow for a wide variety of applications including offices, industrial tables and machines. With both manual and motorized "bolt-on" lift systems, we can design and manufacture the best solution for your application.

A "bolt-on" lift system is a single-acting fluid displacement lift system that easily attches to existing workstations for ergonomic height adjustability.

Both Manual and Motorized systems include:

  • Crank or motor driven unit
  • Two 8 ft. (2.5 m) sections of flexible tubing
  • Two 10 ft. (3 m) sections of flexible tubing
  • Four lift cylinders
  • Four glides
  • Twelve tubing clips (adhesive backed) and sixteen cable ties
  • Installation Tips
  • Drilling Templates

Our Movotec lift systems are found in offices, industrial tables and machines around the world.

Use our interactive catalog to help you choose the right lift system for your application.